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        Attention:  Prescription Refills are now being handled via our Patient Portal.   


  • Medication refill requests sent via the portal will be electronically sent to your pharmacy within 2 business days of your request. 


  • All refill requests should be made via the portal - please do not email or text refill requests.   


  • Medication changes need to be addressed at appointments.  The portal is only for refill requests with no medication changes.

  • Per office policy, patients must have a future appointment scheduled.  Please call the office to make an appointment before requesting a prescription refill if you do not currently have one.

  • Need an appointment?  NOW, Booking Appointments Through The Patient Portal!!  Click here

  • Please contact your pharmacy after 2 business days of the request to confirm they have received the prescription(s).

If your prescription has not yet been entered in the medication section of the patient portal, please make your refill request by sending a message through the portal to your provider.

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