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Forensic Psychiatry Services

Dr. McCormack is also a board certified Forensic Psychiatrist who provides document reviews, forensic interviews and reports, and expert witness testimony in both civil and criminal cases, including those dealing with competency, criminal responsibility, malpractice, disability, child/adolescent violence, and child custody.

Dr. McCormack has testified as an expert witness in both Federal Court and various state courts on a number of occasions. In addition, Dr. McCormack has lectured on various topics in the field of psychiatry and the law at professional meetings, at East Carolina School of Medicine, and at Duke University School of Law, where he formerly served as an instructor for the Psychiatry and the Law course.


ABM may also arrange for Neuropsychological testing necessary in certain legal cases.

Dr. McCormack accepts referrals from attorneys, courts, insurance companies, and employers. Please call  706-316-1908 or email, and we will be happy to discuss our services and fees in greater detail. There is no charge for the initial phone consultation.

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