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Lanie Fercilien, PA-C

Originally from Massachusetts, Lanie Fercilien has been a Physician Assistant in Georgia for the past 3 years. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Biological Sciences at Clemson University in 2013, and completed her Masters in Physician Assistant Studies at Wingate University in North Carolina in 2018. Lanie’s interest in mental health began in adolescence - fortunately, she grew up in a family that openly discussed mental illness and encouraged asking for emotional help and support when needed. The pursuit of psychiatry as a career was a natural fit for her. Since starting with Athens Behavioral Medicine in August 2020, Lanie has worked with patients of all ages and sees a wide variety of conditions, with a special focus in trauma, PTSD, insomnia, bipolar disorder, and psychotic disorders. She believes that her patients are more than a diagnosis or label, and she takes time to learn people’s entire history and background to add context to the unique difficulties her patients are experiencing in everyday life. Although she does not have formal training as a therapist, Lanie is warm, empathetic and open to offering individualized support for her patients. She stays up-to-date on best supportive therapy techniques to bridge the gap when patients have a hard time finding therapists, and is always learning about the latest innovations in medications. She believes that the combination of medicine (psychiatry) with the appropriate type of therapy (CBT, DBT, Trauma-Focused, etc.) is the key to sustaining a happy, healthy, functioning life.

In her free time, Lanie loves to spend time with her husband, James, who is a Physician Assistant in Vascular Surgery. She enjoys yoga, riding the Peloton bike, reading thriller novels, and listening to true crime podcasts. When she’s not at home or at work, she is spending time with friends in Athens, Atlanta or Charlotte, NC. 

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