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ADHD Assessment

Dr. McCormack is considered a regional expert in the field of ADHD and is a highly sought-after speaker on the subject. Dr. McCormack has assembled a seasoned team of professionals, all of whom have extensive clinical and/or research experience in this area.

Once considered over-diagnosed and treated, the former Surgeon General David Satcher's report concluded that actually fewer patients with ADHD receive medical treatment than the number of those patients who were estimated to be suffering from ADHD. Although adult ADHD is receiving much press these days, excellent clinicians have long noted that adults do not “outgrow” ADHD and that those adults with protective factors, such as high intelligence, can often compensate for their relative difficulties up to a certain point. Our goal is to properly diagnose this condition via thorough evaluation and then treat it effectively, as it is the one illness in psychiatry that is most amenable to current treatments available.

ABM offers a neuropsychiatric battery of tests to objectively assess for the presence of ADHD. Psychoeducational screening or more in-depth testing is often helpful to rule out Learning Disorders that can either mimic ADHD or complicate its course.


Athens Behavioral Medicine is pleased to offer The Conners Continuous Performance Test 3rd Edition (Conners CPT 3) testing as part of the puzzle in diagnosing your ADHD condition. 

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